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Our team has been providing home renovation services for the entire Tri-Valley for years. We are well-versed in complex projects like room additions, and our team can even design and install closets that will amaze you. We love the complexities that come with home renovations, and no matter if we are doing a small project or a whole home, our team is ready to get to work.


Our Home Renovation Services


Closets are some of our favorite renovations that we provide. A closet can change how you see your home and provide ample storage for your space. From walk-ins off the master to a kid's room needing a much-needed re-work, our closet offerings ensure that you get a closet designed for your space from the ground up to store what you need, whether it be clothes, hats, shoes or even bags.


Fireplaces are one of the best investments you can make these days. Not only are they great-looking, but their ability to bring people together is second to none. We work with some of the top fireplace designers in the state and can install gas fireplaces in any room of your home. Whatever you have in mind, our team can make it happen.

Garage Conversion

Garages can be more than just a spot to store your car. With our team, we can create a fantastic space that will do wonders for years to come. Whether it is a man cave, simulator room or another bedroom, your garage renovation can make what was useless space a part of your home that you will love.

Room Additions

Room additions can be a complex process; whether we are creating a new room in a basement or adding on to a home, our team will deliver a room that is fit for a King or Queen. We have the skills and expertise to handle almost any room addition and will work with you to ensure the room fits your needs. From bathrooms to a new studio space, we can design and build your room to seamlessly flow into the rest of your home.

Family Rooms

Family rooms are where you snuggle and watch a movie or watch the kids make a mess with their toys. It is the center of your home, and we love working with clients to create that perfect space for their needs. No matter if you are looking for a straightforward redesign that improves flow or a complete overhaul, we can work with you step by step to make your family room the space you have always envisioned.

Master Bedrooms

A master bedroom is more than just a bedroom; it can be a place to escape a busy house, or somewhere you can finally relax. We look at primary bedrooms differently than most, as we see an opportunity to create that zen space you deserve. From reading nooks to a master that is fit for royalty, we will work with you to design and build out a bedroom that you will never want to leave.

Master Bathrooms

A bathroom is just a bathroom until you make it your own. We have worked with hundreds of homeowners over the years to renovate and reimagine their master bathrooms. With our team, we will find what you want and create the space to make it work. No matter if you are looking for a rainfall shower, a claw-footed tub or even a sauna, we can design, build, and deliver the perfect master bathroom every time.

Second Story Addition

Sometimes, life comes at you fast, and your family is growing. However, your home might not fit your needs, and that is where a second story addition comes in. Second story additions are generally made on ranchers or similar-style homes and add an additional level to the existing structure. From additional bathrooms to bedrooms or wreck rooms, a second-story addition can add much value and space without too much of a headache.

ADU - accessory dwelling unit and JADU

Accessory dwelling units have become extremely popular over the last few years. Whether you are looking for a place to rent out or a guest space, we can permit, design, and build a dwelling that will deliver from day one. With our experts, we will ensure that the space is not only usable but can be a space that your guests will love.

Custom Home Build

As a total home renovation company, we are also well-equipped to provide custom home builds throughout the Tri-Valley. Our team can guide you through the custom process, which includes permits, sketching, designing, and building. We have years of experience on our team, and with all the basic trades covered, we are a one-stop shop capable of taking your ideas and creating a custom home that will meet your families demands now and in the future.

In-Law Suites

If you want to add some value to your home or create space for family, an in-law suite is the way to do it. Over the years, we have created hundreds of in-law suites and know the proper process to follow with the county and city. From a bachelor to a two-bedroom oasis, your in-law suites can be customized to be that true home within your home.


Flooring is one of our specialties, and no matter if you are looking for hardwood, luxury vinyl or tile, we have it ready to install in your home.


Our tile selection is one of the largest in the state, and we are not just saying that. We work with the region's top tile producers and can easily source your ideal tile. No matter if you are looking for something subtle like subway tile or large pieces that will bring your space together, we are the team for the job.


We are proud to work with some of California's top hardwood suppliers. Whether you are looking for a traditional look like oak or pine or something a little different, like Brazilian hardwoods, we can source and install your hardwood with expert precision.

Luxury Vinyl

Vinyl flooring has come a long way over the years. Today, luxury vinyl is the perfect option for those looking for the durability of hardwood without the cost. We offer hundreds of types and sizes of vinyl flooring that will bring the look you want to your home without breaking the bank.

If a home renovation is on the horizon, now is the time to chat with Today’s Kitchen and Bath. Our team is ready and able to handle any renovation you have planned, from a whole home to a simple closet.